A modern, clean and dynamic web interface that's easy to use and allows users to efficiently and accurately calculate fees and analyse sales data for products they wish to resell on eBay UK.

Intuitive Product Search

Use a combination of product title, eBay URL or EAN to search for specific products on the eBay marketplace and benefit from instant sales performance data for both sold and active listings

Automatic Calculations

Automatically calculate and re-calculate your selling fees based on the parameters and values you enter for every single item

Sales Data & Breakeven Analysis

Give yourself an advantage over your competition by having a much better grasp of the sales history performance of the products you are reselling and benefit from our profit, margin, breakeven and sales history data

Real-time Updates

Our technology keeps eBay fees and rate changes, so that you can rely on accurate results time and time again

Marketplace & Deal Source Lookup

Use the inbuilt Amazon & Google functions to quickly check if the products are available for resell and purchase from multiple online sources, with just one click of a button

Save & Export

Instantly save your search history and export your product data to your preferred sheet, saving you time!

Calculate eBay sales and fees with simplicity using our DealBay calculator and benefit from lifetime access today!



See what our clients have to say...


"Now I can easily analyse sold and active listings on eBay quickly, in one display without unnecessary clicks. Big time saver!"



"This is a great tool that my team and I now use in our business daily. Lifetime access is a no-brainer. Thanks again."


"Finally, an eBay calculator that works and accurately provides fees and sale data for products on the eBay marketplace! Don't procrastinate in getting access to this. It's worth it."



A. No, this is a web based application that can be accessed from any device and browser.

A. There are numerous types of fees on eBay in the UK and some are calculated based on a percentage amount and some are fixed. Others combine both percentage and fixed amounts.  Our calculator handles these complex fees with ease and accurately calculates the results based on the options you select per product/listing.

A. No, we offer you lifetime access for the upfront price you see

A. Absolutely. We provide you with tutorials providing you with the steps on how to use the calculator to its full potential

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